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Do you think it will be the point of being used in a team sport that is competitive? Because they also do not need to look back to the baton exchange, or you can set it as a best fake oakleys relay team of speed skaters?

It is actually a scenario that we have discussed. Similar to a road bike there is a mountain bike and team. In particular, it is how the strategic, tactical, I will think about the Tour de France. We are definitely your team like you friends now just on the Buddy Tracker, you hope that it will be displayed in the glass of the screen. You get one of the image the entire team is doing, so you can still do some of the fake oakleys for sale leadership there, there are times when you also where I am looking at your hydration and the heart rate.

If I could dream for the second, I recently saw Oblivion's. He has his ship a ton's scene: He is around, on the display, it indicates how look how as he is looking through his ship to him, are you, You can apply the augmented reality and its raw materials. For example, riding on the rain: all out to reduce visual interference, fake oakleys oil rig if you really were able to see what is there, I think it's crazy cool. Night skiing, or such.

"I care that he would get to see through things?" People will ask a lot of things to us in the rain, through the breaks in snow and clouds. And it is now a reality for the military of the thermal image and whatnot. It is not in order to microtize all to the extent that it looks good on your fake oil rig oakleys face, for us, the semiconductor industry, because it doubles every two years efficiency, it will take a little time. So much to of what to say what we now, we have, but there is a possibility, people are not going to wear it.

And, it will become a super-heavy-handed. THUMP but was great in 2004, we are now, it is small and slim, you can make meaner. When you see now of Google Glass, you is similar to "Huh, nice head-up display. "You's a pretty unpleasant especially it in the case of obtaining a white or orange 1, always early adopters are, but want to show off such a thing, the average consumer is a little stealth and secret than that.

Do you believe that in the iPhone case of their thermal image, had been paying attention of what was to have been whether FLIR at CES?

Yeah, absolutely. It's coming! And it is we already use technology when where to buy fake oakleys you are testing our gear. The cut, we heated to map your body and your face. So, absolutely, we went straight to the booth of FLIR.

Yeah, we, played with military spec of bunch of stuff, such as night vision, night tried to apply it to things like mountain biking and fishing. Just technology is still Let's say that not be quite ready. Depth perception, field of view that does not exist was a failure. As I have been dropped, like us, within the first 50 feet to that is, and to test it immediately, where there is this mountain bike park "I am going to die." I totally depth perception is there was no. It was quite comical. Although technology is not yet, I I think it eventually, to become.