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Nike Free Ladies 7.0 v2 Shipping

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The first test Nike technology products, is working with apple Nike+iPod -- in my opinion,nike free 7.0 v2 this is almost the field of mass consumption can be the originator of wearable devices -- a sensor block inthe inside of the shoes. Nike+ iPod is probably the most simple to use wearable devices: you just need to put it to the sole (if not Nike shoes also never mind, can be tied to the shoelace), start in the mobile phone Nike + iPod application, walk two steps, and the sensor connected to the mobile phone application. The whole process you'll find out,nike free ladies it does not need to set up, even there is no button -- open the application, only took two steps to start, very simple Is it right?? The whole experience natural... Is not a product of science and technology. When I first used shocked by its simplicity. And the price is only $19, and even many T shirt is cheaper than it.

Nike can take a running sensor so natural, I think it should be nike free schwarz attributed to the movement in the field for many years of insight. After the launch of Nike+ iPod, Nike+, Nike then launched Nike+Basketball Training, Nike+ Running and Nike+ Move. Each of the products are highly targeted, such as Nike+ Basketball and after the transformation of the sole can motion data measurement more users, such as jumping height etc.. In order to encourage users to use its software products, Nike made many promotional activities, such as in Beijing by Nike+Running ran ten kilometers to get a T shirt like free in Nike flagship store. All Nike+ products and related activities at the end is self-evident: the Nike+ community.

Apple CEO Tim Cook nine years ago to join the board of directors nike offers Nike. "When running, listen to music from the idea of" promoting a cooperation between the two sides of the "Nike+ iPod", cannot do without the role of Cook. Don't forget that Cook himself is an avid sports fan.

"The Wall Street journal" in an interview, Cook said: "apple now has nearly unlimited" (closer than its ever been ') released a new type of product; no two days, Nike CEO Mark Parke (Mark Parker)said in an interview with CNBC: "we will put this (Nike+) field, nike shipping and continue to expand. To date we have about 30000000 FuelBand users, we hope that this will promote the data to 100000000. Wewill be accomplished through partners (the target). Obviously, this is one of the most obvious was the apple. We have many years of cooperation with apple, we are on our cooperation will occurimmediately excited."