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Nike Free 3 For Boys and Girls With Cheap Price

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So far, you should probably know, Nike won't give it up in the Nike+ FuelBand to cut its digital sports department (Digital Sport),nike free training although the Department looks off some people, but it is onlyrelated to hardware and software in the field of talent, even it will continue to increase investment.Because community and data is the future of Nike. As a sports equipment brand, nike free girls the sports enthusiasts gathered together to build a movement (either digital or physical) community, andtracking of all sports enthusiasts can data, mining the potential. Because control data, controls the future. As described in the "commercial value" "digital" in Nike reborn note about the futureoperation of the story of the star.

Many people admire Nike company spokesman of vision, because it is nike free cheap always able to dig out thetalented athletes. A mature training system, which is mainly due to the construction of a Nikecompany, Nike will cooperate with schools in sports coaches, through their talent; on the other hand, Nike held every year in all kinds of sports training camp in the global scope, to find goodseedling. nike free boys About third possible Nike+ for Nike, that is to find those gifted sports genius through user data. Maybe one day in the future, when a friend Nike+ began to show athleticism far more than their peers, Nike will find him in the first time, and help him to strain every nerve to become the next Liu Xiang or Boulter.

In eight or nine out of ten Nike apple and a close cooperation, nike free 3 Nike left after the original Nike+FuelBand Product Manager Ben Shaffer in apple just concentrate on the design of hardware, andNike also need to concentrate on doing the Nike+ software and the community. In the future, afterthe Nike+ master sports enthusiasts enough data, sports fans will probably not just emotional loveand rely on Nike, their bodies are more cannot do without Nike. Because at that time, no oneknows your body is more than Nike, including yourself